...I’m Hannah. I’m so glad you’re here because this is where I get to share how I perceive the world through something I really love - photography.

I am a 20-something year old currently living in Florida with my husband, Taylor. (That’s us up there! I like him a lot if you couldn’t tell.) We’re crazy dog people and animals lovers. We have two dogs and a cat.  When I'm not out on an adventure, most days you can find me in my home office with a cup of coffee and my dog laying at my feet. Other things I love include mexican food, cooking, exercising, scuba diving, The Office (obssessed), and traveling of course. I grew up running around barefoot outside and to this day that hasn't changed. I also love serving others by telling stories through beautiful images.

I decided I wanted to pick up photography about five years ago. After spending two months in Thailand working to build artificial reefs during a diving internship, I came home passionate about the world and wanting to capture the way I saw it with something other than my iphone. I bought my first dslr - a Canon Rebel - off of ebay and thus, my love for photography was born. I am passionate about putting God's beautiful creation on display - whether that is through photographing our incredible planet earth, different cultures, or people in love. I feel honored anytime my photography resonates with someone and makes them  notice the beauty we are surrounded by. Photography has helped me tell my story and I would love to help tell yours if you'll let me. Let's get in touch! :)

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