Okianwa, Japan

I spent 8 days in Okinawa, Japan and a few hours in Narita. I definitely wish I had longer to see more of the country but I am so thankful I was able to experience Japan at all. Okinawa has a culture of it's own and it was pretty cool to see that.

We rented a car and drove all over the island, which was the best decision we made there. I hate feeling trapped when I am visiting another place and love how rental cars give you the freedom to go wherever you want. I had to drive because I was one the one holding a international driver's license. The tricky part about driving in Japan was driving on the left side of the road versus the right (like I am used to in the U.S.). This was fine for the most part, but when I had to drive in the busy city in southern Okinawa, it was TERRIFYING. I constantly had to think about which lane I needed to end up in when I was turning, and some of the alleys in the city were tiny. and our car barely fit between the buildings. 

While there we visited some castles, trekked through the jungle, enjoyed the beach, and ate some of the best pineapple and mangoes I have ever tasted. Mangoes are my favorite fruit and the ones in Okinawa are truly the juiciest and most flavorful I have ever tried. Since they are seasonal there, they are considered a delicacy and often given as gifts. At the market they cost anywhere from $7-$80. The first time I picked one up and saw the hefty price tag, I was in shock. We went for the cheaper ones, which were still the most expensive I had ever had - but they were so worth it!

When most people think of Japan, they just think of Tokyo, but this country has so much more! The country offers huge mountains, lush forests, and beautiful beaches. Okinawa was extremely hot and humid, but one morning we woke up and trekked down a river to a waterfall, which was the highlight of the trip. If you are thinking of visiting Japan, I definitely recommend doing your research to see everything the country offers and head out of Tokyo! 

Hannah JanoeComment