Greece and Italy + my first DSLR pictures

In September 2015 I went to Europe with some friends. I had just gotten my first dslr (Canon rebel) and was so excited to take awesome pictures of all the places we were going. We visited Athens and Santorini in Greece, then Positano, Capri, and Rome in Italy. Of course I had no idea what I was doing. My shutter speed was always way too slow and I couldn't figure out why all my pictures were so blurry. I eventually gave up and took 90% of the pictures from that trip on my phone. Looking back, my shutter speed was almost never above 1/60, my ISO was super high in the middle of the day, and all the images were shot in JPG. I think this just goes to show that just having a certain camera is not going to give you good results! You have to learn your gear and how to use light, etc... There are so many online resources that teach how to shoot in manual, I wish I would have used them before this trip! It gave me a good laugh looking back at these pictures. I tried to salvage a few that definitely aren't sharp - but thankfully these places were pretty photogenic...hope you enjoy them. :)

Hannah JanoeComment